't Hof van Beroep

‘t Hof van Beroep is a traditional pub situated in the city centre of Bruges. It literally means ‘Court of appeal’ because it’s right in front of the court.

After the reopening in 2012, the pub quickly became one of the city favourites for many locals. A nice setting to have a good gin and tonic, a perfectly poored beer (see recommendations) or one of our homemade snacks or tapas. No need to rush, there’s a non-stop kitchen!

You wouldn’t be the first one to come in for a quick drink or snack, only to find yourself still there hours later. You might even end up dancing on top of the bar!

We love good music so expect tunes ranging from the “Woodstock generation” until now. Weekends can get very crowded, that’s when we turn up the volume to party until…