Looking for a place to organize your party?

So it’s your (birthday) party and you’re still looking for a place? Well... we have good news for you!

  • It’s possible to buy coupons at the bar that you can share with your friends. Ask the staff for different formulas or more information)

  • We have an extra room where you can organize yourself and even make your party more personal (pictures of your mother-in-law, balloons, inflatable sheep,…)

  • Unlike a party at your own house, you don’t have to care about the mess you leave behind. We have garden gnomes doing all the work for you, while you’re sleeping. That doesn’t mean you can destroy the interior! Garden gnomes have feelings too!

  • Note: Other customers are still welcome in the bar! So don’t expect us to make it a private party! For rare/special occasions we can open the bar on a closing day or before 4 PM.